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Table 1 Cantonese Involvement in the Four Aspects

From: The status of Cantonese in the education policy of Hong Kong

Aspects Assessment Focuses Cantonese involvement
Reading The main aim of this part is to evaluate candidates' ability of using a variety of reading strategies, including comprehension, analysis, feeling and appreciation. Not applicable
Writing This part mainly assesses candidates on their ability in such areas as idea construction, language expression and creativity. Not applicable
Listening Candidates are required to demonstrate their listening ability of distinguishing the standpoints, opinions, oral skills and tone of the speakers. The materials are recorded in Cantonese.
Speaking Candidates are examined on their ability of oral presentation, communication and interaction. Reading Aloud This subpart mainly assesses candidates on their ability of reading texts aloud with appropriate pronunciations, tones and rhythms. This part will be conducted entirely in Cantonese.
   Oral Communication In this subpart, candidates are expected to demonstrate expression, interaction, communication skills in the discussions.