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Table 1 Emerging Dialogic Reading Domains: Cultural, Efferent, Aesthetic, Critical, and Dialogic

From: Dialogic meaning construction and emergent reading domains among four young English language learners in second-language reading

Domain Stance Example
Cultural Private aspect of meaning Maria's evocation while reading Family pictures. She sings the song about the piƱata.
Efferent Public aspect of meaning Hiroki's and Jaewon are gaining information about Christopher Columbus's adventure story and Evert's new vocabulary.
Aesthetic Private aspect of meaning Evert's and Maria's reading processes while reading I Hate English.
Dialogic Private and public aspect of meaning Hiroki's and Jaewon's responses while reading Follow the Dream and Encounter: The two different depictions of Christopher Columbus drive from the authors' different intention.
Critical Private and public aspect of meaning Jaewon's and Hiroki's exploration of the two versions of Christopher Columbus (Encounter and Follow the Dream). Hiroki said Christopher Columbus should not invade the Native Americans.