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Table 4 Explanatory variables affecting academic performance and behavioral problems in the Typical Group (N=68)

From: Causes of academic and behavioral difficulties among Japanese-Brazilian students: cognitive, linguistic and parental education factors

Variable Academic performance Behavioral problems
Coef. SE p Coef. SE p
Paternal education   −1.160 0.576 0.049
Digit span in Japanese 0.181 0.059 0.004  
J.COSS   −0.287 0.088 0.002
  1. The stepwise backward multiple-regression method was adopted because it resulted in the most parsimonious model.
  2. CANTAB: Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery; Coef: regression coefficient; J.COSS: Japanese Test for Comprehension of Syntax and Semantics; SE: standard error.